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Friday, January 1, 2010

Inkjet Printer Canon Pixma IP4700 | EASY PRINT

Inkjet Printer Canon Pixma IP4700 is Canon's latest that retains the glossy black casing of its printing predecessor, the Canon Pixma IP4600, and also features stylish gunmetal highlights.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HP LaserJet 2300 Laser Printer | Full Description

HP2300 Laserjet is a very useful stepping stone between the smaller home printers or home office laser printers and the very large laser printers you find in the corporate environment, such as the HP Laserjet 5100. We have found no problems connecting the HP Laserjet 2300 with up to 10 users over a network but we would not recommend this many users unless you were using a print server over a network. HP Laserjet 2300: A Printer that Can Print More.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Speedmaster Heidelberg SM74 - 2 Color

With the Speedmaster SM 74, Heidelberg offers you a modular press concept with a whole host of configurations - from basic to highly automated. The wide range of options available enables you to make focused and flexible decisions to ensure your press is geared towards your business model and specific operating requirements. This makes the Speedmaster SM 74 the ideal press for commercial print shops.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pad Printing Machine for Glass-Ceramic

PADPrinting is the most appropriate technique for printing on a wide variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, plastics, metals, etc. Pad printing machine works on irregularly shaped or textured surfaces. By selecting the correct printing ink for the material and usage, a high quality permanent impression can be created in single or multi-coloured designs, including metallics.

CD-DVD Offset-Screen Printing Machine

CD-DVDFull colour digital printing is ideal if you need to duplicate shorter runs, but need a really nice full colour label print. More cost effective for small runs than screen printing, and because the process is digital we work directly from an artwork file, saving you money by not having to produce 'films', 'screens' or 'plates'. This Digital print option is ideal if you need a 'photo' quality images on your DVD label. Inkjet DVD printing use a special 'white printable' version of our DVD 'Duplication Grade'™ media. We have Matt and Photo Gloss options.